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Who was Jonas Salk? How does one contribute to medicine?

Yesterday I attended the 23rd Usha Mahajani symposium on cancer research at the Salk Institute.

I wish I could spend more time this week writing about the cool research presented on cancer stem cells, but unfortunately I am a bit preoccupied with preparing a presentation on my research that will determine if I advance to candidacy for my PhD!

For now, dear reader, I leave you with this photo I took on the inside of the Hoffman Auditorium (quite possibly my favorite auditorium anywhere). It’s a quote by Jonas Salk, who created the first vaccine for polio, and for whom the world-famous research institute was named after.

I find it fairly apt for the audience of this blog. The health and wellness of humanity is not the responsibility of scientists and doctors. We all have a stake and a shared responsibility. And, just because one is not formally trained in science does not prohibit one from thinking and coming up with ideas.

As far as I am concerned, the only dumb questions are the ones that are not voiced.


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