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Weekly Cancer Blog on hold

31 December 2011

The end of the year is a time for reflection and for refining our goals. For 2011 I made a goal to start a cancer Q&A blog, with an original charter to pen one article per week.

Although I love writing about cancer, and science in general, I am hereby putting my blog on hold to devote more time to research experiments in 2012. Perhaps my future path could encompass science education or science communication, but for the time being this graduate student must focus on the hurdles at hand. After all, I am a a graduate student in a research-heavy PhD program. Unfortunately this blog does not help me graduate any faster.

I am still available to research questions per request, and love to help people in endeavors scientific, be it researching questions, giving lectures, or even the occasional lab tour.

While I can only hope I have helped make a dent in the lack of science education with my ask-a-scientist blog, I have most certainly learned a lot from the process expanded my repertoire of knowledge. Good journalism and good science have a lot in common, and both require an extraordinary amount of effort to perform even the smallest task well.

Thank you for being a part of this experiment in science communication, dear reader. I wish you the best for 2012.

Stay curious! Ryon

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