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Two publications in one week!

5 June 2013

Within the span of one hour this morning I received news of not one, but two publications, including my first primary author paper! The publication of a primary author paper (meaning one lead the study) after peer review is a pivotal moment in the career of a scientist. Today is that day for me; I have received notice that my paper has successfully gone through rigorous peer review and has been accepted for publication.

“Src Inducible Association of CrkL with Procaspase-8 Promotes Cell Migration” has been accepted to Cell Adhesion and Migration and will be available on PubMed in a few weeks. In this study, we expand upon a mechanism by which Caspase-8 (“Procaspase-8” indicates the immature non-activated version of the protein) can promote cellular migration, a process central to tumor metastasis, independent of its better-defined role as a cell death protein.

The book chapter: “Neuroblastoma Integrins” is currently available via open access: We reviewed and consolidated information about the role of integrins (cell adhesion molecules critical to development, cell migration, and other roles) in neuroblastoma, the most common pediatric solid cancer. We also expand upon current concepts of therapy, and suggest new avenues for investigation by clinical pediatric oncologists.

Both are now listed here in my CV:

Graf R, Barbero S, Keller N, Chen L, Uryu S, Schlaepfer D, et al. Src-inducible association of CrkL with procaspase-8 promotes cell migration. Cell adhesion & migration. 2013 Jun 10;7(4). PubMed PMID: 23751956. Epub 2013/06/12.

Shanique A. Young, Ryon Graf and Dwayne G. Stupack (2013). Neuroblastoma Integrins, Neuroblastoma, Prof. Hiroyuki Shimada (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-1128-3, InTech, DOI: 10.5772/55991. Available from:

Thanks to all my friends, family, and labmates that helped make this happen!


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