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The Epic Journey Continues: A First-In-Class Test Will Change Advanced Prostate Cancer Care

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

6 July 2016

Hi Everyone,

I have some great news to share:

1) Recently, the work of my colleagues and collaborators was accepted and published in the prestigious journal JAMA Oncology. We developed a test to predict standard of care drug responses in advanced prostate cancer patients using only a blood draw. The clinical study suggests that use of our test could allow patients with the most aggressive subtype of prostate cancer could have about 4X higher likelihood of living longer with one FDA-approved drug class vs. another. I was one of the authors on the study, drafting the manuscript and performing biostatistical analyses. This represents the first “liquid biopsy” test to demonstrate clinical utility at a key medical decision point in cancer patient care.

2) Today I can publicly share: Genomic Health, arguably the most successful oncology diagnostics company in the world, has partnered with us to distribute and scale the test into clinics across the U.S. The announcement was covered by the Wall Street Journal.

Not too far into the future this test will be extending the lives of tens of thousands of men with very aggressive prostate cancer. Men who just want a fighting chance, and it’s an honor to give them that fighting chance. 10 years ago (summer of 2006) I made a conscious decision that I wanted to devote the most formative years of my life to using science to make tangible improvements in the lives of cancer patients. I’m living the dream. This is the first test of many. My team and I are just getting started.

Thank you all for your support.


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