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Fresh look, fresh surf wax

Hi Everyone,

Every once in a while it’s nice to hit refresh and mix things up a bit, whether it’s clothing, shoes, sports, hobbies, etc. was originally my photography site when I was still doing gigs as a broke college student, first going online in spring of 2006. This was pre-iPhone internet! Flash-based sites were all the rage back then, but like changing fashions, that eventually shifted, as did my focus. In 2009 I quit doing photo gigs and began work on my PhD, re-launching my site as a science blog with a Wordpress theme.

Wordpress served me well for over 100 blog posts, but with the changing look and feel of the internet in general, a transfer to Wix felt about right. I have to thank Kasey Rowe for design and aesthetic. We opted for a blue-green surf ocean theme with a simple layout. Give it a look, and thanks for visiting!


p.s. the photo above (also found on my home page) is a fresh coat of surf wax on a very green single fin egg, a type of surfboard typically used in playful surf conditions. The sight (and smell) of fresh surf wax evokes subtle elevations in joy, something I wanted to encapsulate into my site refresh.

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