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Ethidium Bromide > GelRed

For my non-science friends, I often describe molecular subcloning is as a process akin to building a ship in a bottle. Blindfolded.

It’s inherently difficult and frustrating. Doing so with Gel Red is not any better. Our lab recently switched over from Ethidium Bromide to Gel Red as a means to image DNA in agarose gels. Gel Red is a “non-toxic” substitute for Ethidium Bromide, which intercalates into the major groove of DNA, which makes it a strong carcinogen. Gel Red works in a similar manner, but supposedly can’t get through live cell membranes. It’s nice to not have an EtBr specific waste, but the resolution of out DNA gels really sucks now.

Cloning jockeys out there, change your gloves often and keep your EtBr.

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