Cancer for Dummies approaching 10,000 hits!

It’s been two weeks and my little experiment in scientific communication is coming along nicely. Cancer for Dummies has had almost 10K hits since I launched the first articles two weeks ago. It’s been both fun and enlightening to answer readers’ questions, and I will continue to post at least one article per week. Be sure to bookmark the Cancer for Dummies main page and check back regularly!

This week I opted to discuss genes, genetics, carcinogens, and HOW these come together to promote (or prevent) cancer: What is a carcinogen? Lots of things can contribute to cancer development, but how? Is cancer a genetic disease? Short answer: Yes. But most of the time it is not genetically heritable. Confused? No problem. Read on!

Lastly, if you have a question or topic you would like me to discuss, please do not hesitate to send it my way. This project exists for you, dear reader!

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