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Cancer for Dummies!

A few months back my advisor and I came up with an off-the-wall idea of doing a public education seminar. Or several. I wound up brainstorming ideas with my (mostly non-scientist) friends and began to appreciate the information gap between the people that generate knowledge, and those that would benefit from it. Arranging a series of talks takes a lot of logistical preparation, so I opted to create a series of blog articles as an incubator for topics and content.

By and large, science is communicated in the form of papers in journals. Papers that create a lot of stir in their field are often picked up by the media, “translated”, and added to the nebulous of public consciousness. Sometimes. It’s not a perfect system, and I feel that both understatement and sensationalism are applied incorrectly.

So begins an experiment in science communication. I would like to answer questions directly to the curious minds that know me, or read my blog. I’ve already had fun expanding my own knowledge about cancer, and I can only hope that this blog will have the same effect for others.

Please, take a look and share with those you know. Any feedback about material or format is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! -Ryon

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