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Another manuscript accepted!

5 July 2013

More good news today. I just received notification that my second primary author paper (my first review article) has successfully gone through the peer-review process and has been accepted to the journal Current Molecular Medicine.

Graf R, Keller N, Barbero S, Stupack DG. Caspase-8 as a Regulator of Tumor Cell Motility. Current Molecular Medicine. (In Press)

“Caspase-8 as a Regulator of Tumor Cell Motility” is a review article on the molecular mechanisms of how caspase-8 can promote cellular migration, a process central to tumor metastasis, independent of its better-defined role as a cell death protein. A review article usually has minimal or no primary data, but instead is a narration of the work of dozens of research groups and hundreds of scientists encompassing a single topic. It’s currently in press, and it’s likely to be a few months before it’s available online. Still, this is some very good news, and is a critical step toward a final thesis.

I have also updated my CV to reflect the paper in press.


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